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Welcome to My Kids-Songs

My-Kids-Songs 'Software' creates a point of sale technology that allows you to set up your computer system in locations such as... malls, trade shows, fairs, flea markets and festivals.

The software allows you to burn a copy of the CD and print a personalized CD label including up to three lines of text, (for example: Happy Birthday, love Mommy and Daddy!). It only takes about three minutes to complete a sale. The customer waits while the CD is being produced! Your cost of each CD is about 30 cents. You can retail the CD's for between ($9.95 - $19-95) This is an excellent profit margin. Remember... there are no royalty or burn fees with any of the Personal Touch Products. This is the ideal business opportunity, no large overheads and high profit margins!

Your child's name is placed at the beginning of each song so that it flows naturally with the music.

An average single day, sales at fairs or craft shows could be between 20 to 50 CD's, producing potentially $300 - $1000 a day in gross sales.

These CD's are ideal gifts for....Christmas presents, birthday's, baby showers, etc.. LATEST NEWS FLASH

Mother Goose Blue Series


Mother Goose Gold Series

Christmas Carols

Mother Goose Green Series

Christian Songs

Fairy Tales Silver Series

Fairy Tales Orange Series

Fairy Tales Yellow Series

Christmas Lullabies